Een overhandigingsmomentje: Journal of Youth and Theology


Brill’s Acquisitions Editor Mirjam Elbers presenting the first copy of JYT 14.1 to Jos de Kock, editor in chief.

Leiden (NL) / Boston (MA) / Singapore (SG) – 4 June 2015

As of 2015, Brill is set to publish the Journal of Youth & Theology

Brill, the international scholarly publisher, adds the renowned peer-reviewed journal Journal of Youth & Theology to its growing portfolio of journals on Theology and World Christianity. The Journal of Youth & Theology is an international, ecumenical, peer-reviewed journal that aims at furthering the academic study of youth and youth ministry. Research articles mainly have theology as a core discipline but are often interdisciplinary, combining the theological approach with sociological and psychological perspectives. The journal is of interest to scholars in religious studies, theology, religious education, sociology, pedagogy and psychology.

Brill Adds Journal of Youth Theology to Journal Program
Mirjam Elbers, Brill’s Acquisitions Editor for Theology: “The Journal of Youth & Theology was founded 14 years ago and has been published by the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry, addressing the growing need for academic research in this field. We are excited that this journal now comes to us, further strengthening our unique and growing collection of journals on Theology and World Christianity.”

Dr. Jos de Kock, editor of the Journal of Youth & Theology, says: “We are proud that the journal will be published by Brill, a publishing house with such a rich history and a strong international focus. Since its inception in 2002, Journal of Youth & Theology aims at furthering the research on youth and youth ministry on an academic level.”

Dr. Bard Norheim, president of the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry: “We are delighted with the cooperation with Brill. It will help strengthen our position in the field and our international focus. We look forward to further serving international scholarship in this particular field.”

For more information on the acquisition, contact Sam Bruinsma, Senior VP Business Development at Brill,, T: +31 (0)71 5353 517.

For more information on sales and where to order, please contact (customers outside the Americas), (customers in the Americas), or visit Brill’s website

About Brill
Founded in 1683 in Leiden, the Netherlands, Brill is a leading international academic publisher in 20 main subject areas, including Middle East and Islamic Studies, Asian Studies, Classical Studies, History, Biblical and Religious Studies, Language & Linguistics, Biology, and International Law. With offices in Leiden and Boston and a representative office in Singapore, Brill today publishes 230 journals and around 1000 new books and reference works each year, available in both print and electronic form. Brill also markets a large number of primary source research collections and databases. The company’s key customers are academic and research institutions, libraries, and scholars. Brill is a publicly traded company and is listed on Euronext Amsterdam NV. For more information, visit

The IASYM is focused on furthering the academic study and research of youth and youth ministry, the formal teaching and training of youth ministry (at universities, seminaries, denominations, para-church organisations, local ministries, or wherever else it may occur), and on the growth and development of youth ministry as a recognised profession.

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