Three new publications: Ritual, Apprenticeship & Youth Ministry research

I would like to share with you the publication of the following three research articles that might be interesting for some of you. These articles are for an important part product of reflections within our IASYM community in the past years and are (to be) published in high ranked journals. I am really happy with that. The first one on ritual, worship and learning (together with Ronelle Sonnenberg) has just been published in Studia Liturgica. The second one on apprenticeship learning is to be published in the coming months in Religious Education, where the third one which is a reflection on the empirical as starting point for youth ministry research (together with Bård Eirik Hallesby Norheim) is to be published later this year in International Journal of Practical Theology.
– De Kock, A., & Sonnenberg, P.M. (2016). Ritual links worship and learning. An empirical and theoretical contribution from the perspective of young people participating in the Lord’s Supper. Studia Liturgica, 46(1-2), 68-84
– De Kock, A. (2017). Challenges to apprenticeship learning in religious education: narrow use of the apprenticeship model and current developments in youth ministry. Accepted for publication in Religious Education.
– De Kock, A., & Norheim, B.E.H. (2017). Youth ministry research and the empirical. Accepted for publication in International Journal of Practical Theology.



Opvoeden: reken erop dat je niks terugkrijgt

In het Nederlands Dagblad van 22 maart 2017 en op verscheen het volgende artikel over Opvoeden is gekkenwerk.

Een kind opvoeden doe je niet even tussendoor, zegt opvoeddeskundige Jos de Kock. ‘Je moet erop rekenen dat je niks terugkrijgt.’ Jos de Kock (38) uit Gorinchem is getrouwd en vader van twee kinderen. Hij schreef een boek over opvoeden. Niet om te vertellen hoe het moet, maar om mensen aan het denken te zetten. Want waar ben je eigenlijk mee bezig en is opvoeden geen gekkenwerk? Lees hier verder