Working group “Children and Youth”

Glad to announce:

This month I started the Working Group “Children & Youth” within the International Academy of Practical Theology:

Working Group “Children & Youth” –  The IAPT working group of practical theological research on faith practices with children and youth

Contact: Jos de Kock 

Important part of the study of and critical reflection on practical theological thought and action is how practical theologians (scholars and practitioners alike) and religious practices of all sorts are dealing with what might be called the issue of “the next generation”. The working group “Children & Youth” is a group in which the issue of “the next generation” is addressed, directed towards international, interracial, and ecumenical dialogue and understanding.


The aim of the working group is

  • To share and discuss results of current practical theological studies in the field of faith practices with children and youth;
  • To serve scholarship in the broad field of children, youth, faith, theology and culture.
  • To interconnect the networks and resources of the discipline of religious education, the discipline of youth ministry and children’s ministry, the
  • discipline of children’s spirituality and the discipline of child and youth theology.


  • To organize (in close cooperation with the planning committee) of a thematic papers session and/or a round table session during each IAPT conference in which the conference main theme is applied to the field of children & youth;
  • To stimulate expert/collegial meetings in between the IAPT conferences, for example during conferences of other international associations and networks;
  • To stimulate international co-authored practical theological publications in the field of faith practices with children and youth.
    All members of the IAPT are invited to join this working group and/or to share their ideas in order to achieve our aim.

(Executive Committee Liaison: Annemie Dillen)

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