Summer course 2019: Faith learning – learning faith

Tijdens de ETF’s Summer Colloquium (19-24 augustus 2019) geef ik een summercourse “Faith learning- learning faith”.

Inschrijven kan hier: registration (tot 1 juni 2019).



Meer informatie over de inhoud:

What is the relationship between faith and learning? Although faith communities often invest in a variety of learning activities, one fundamental question is why one would do that at all. Another is what are good ways to do it, especially in current challenging times.

These questions are both pedagogical and theological. This course will introduce you to them as well as to a variety of possible answers. Furthermore, you will have time to reflect on practices of faith formation. You will learn to observe and analyse (your own) practices and, at the same time, learn both how to design learning activities for faith communities in your own personal context and how to develop a theologically and pedagogically based vision on the support of faith formation in other, different contexts.

Theoretically, the course will aid your study in the fields of practical theology, religious education, and youth ministry. Practically, the course will enable you to take a leading role in the development of learning activities in faith communities.

Dr. JOS DE KOCK is Practical Theologian and educational expert. He serves as Guest Professor in the Department of Practical Theology at ETF Leuven.

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